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OUR MISSION is to discover, mentor, nurture 

and publish unique authors with a meaningful message, that may otherwise not have an opportunity to be heard.




ARNICA PRESS is an independent publisher specializing in unique books promoting the healing arts, self-help, spirituality, art, inspirational, educational, how-to, art & design, motivational, children's, non-fiction as well as memoirs and fiction books.

If your story offers a positive contribution to this world, we are here to help make your dreams come through.


Our aim is to discover, mentor, nurture and launch unique authors with a meaningful message, that may otherwise not have an opportunity to be heard.

Your voice is important and we will support your writing journey!
















Our founder is Sabrina Mesko Ph.D.H., an international bestselling author of over thirty books that are non-fiction, self-help and inspirational classics.

With over two decades of experiences in all areas of publishing through big traditional publishing houses such as Penguin Random House, as well as the many unique advantages of independent-publishing world, she understands the complexities and challenges authors face. 


Sabrina gathered an eclectic editorial team to publish a carefully chosen selection of high quality books each year. 


We take great care in individually mentoring you through your writing process from the very beginning, until successful completion.


Your message is unique and we do NOT care if this is your first book, or one of many, or how many social media followers you have. What matters is meaningful, uplifting, and authentic content.

We are interested in ALL creative authors. If you wish to share your life's journey or your exceptional knowledge, ability, or inspiring dreams, there are no limitations to your creative expression. 

You will receive personal attention for your unique writing and artistic needs, so you can accomplish your mission of publishing your book, while launching a strong and professional platform for your future endeavors.

Arnica Press is not a mass producer, but a boutique publisher, uniquely positioned with expertise in all the intricate areas and elements that are needed for a successful, long and rewarding writing career.

We are interested in supporting writers that contribute to this world in a most positive, inspiring, and transformative ways.


YOU - the Author, will retain all 100% of your Copyrights and 100% of your Royalties!

Just remember,

you are GOD in your book's Universe,

which means you can do anything at anytime...

and that's prety darn fantastic...


~ Sabrina ~

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