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Writing a book is no easy feat.

Many dream and talk of it as if was just a matter of finding some time in their busy schedule,

but you know the reality is far different.

 Writing and actually completing a book takes enormous persistence, focus,

and discipline, filled with unwavering passion for the topic or story you're writing.


 A great book needs a generous infusion of your creative spirit.

If you manage to write such a special book, its contagious and inspiring message

has the uncanny ability to motivate and envelop your reader’s mind and heart.

 That kind of book will change people’s lives,

allowing them to escape into your magical world

and experience the journey in a most personal and intimate way.

This is why books are incredibly powerful and transformative.

Without books our world would be lost.

If you have completed your writing journey and feel ready to release your treasure

and share it with the rest of the world, we are here for you in every way.


An artistic soul rarely also possesses a tedious business

and technical savvy that is required for your book launch.

 This is where we come in and help you through the final steps.

We work with you through the publishing steps specific to your needs.

We find the best layout, design and cover choices,

assist you with online book placement, author write-ups,

and all other important technical and publishing details.

Your creation receives the care it requires and the attention in deserves.

When working with us in this program, You have TWO options:

LAUNCH is your basic package.

It includes everything required for a paperback soft-cover edition,

black & white interior, and full color cover design.

GRAND is the optimal, all inclusive package.

In addition to everything from LAUNCH package,

it includes  editorial assessment, E-book formatting, hardcover option,

book listing promotional write-up, two hours of marketing counsel

and marketing strategy guide.

Payment Plans Available, depending on individual project schedule.

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