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is a unique venture into the world of home and garden design.

Your home is your temple, no matter the size, age, style or decorative choices.

Today, the importance of a peaceful and serene home is more obvious than ever.

This Exclusive Publishing Program is meant to inspire all readers 

who enjoy stunning visuals of private home and garden design creations.


Our special collection also offers an exclusive opportunity for architects, 

stylish home designers, as well as passionate homeowners 

 who wish to capture their beautiful creations in a Book format.


To discuss your options of celebrating your home

in our exclusive Arnica Home Collection,

 schedule a FREE Consultation.


We are excited to announce a new Book marvel with stunning visuals,

depicting a private estate residence, designed and inspired

by an 1800’s castle in Scotland.


This book is a team project of authors Erica S. Elliott and Vivian Verite,

who both bring a wealth of experience

combining their interior design and real estate world expertise.


Erica is an Author and Artist who traveled around the globe many times over,

and gathered rare insights into the architectural wonders of the world.

Vivian is an Author and Designer who lived in countless foreign countries

and unusual locations, where she developed and designed

uniquely exclusive Spa and Wellness Healing Centers.

They each experienced the importance of a soul nurturing home,

the endless variety of design possibilities,

influenced by the old traditions

and various cultures of the world.

In this beautiful project they joined forces

while discovering that the US is the one particular land 

where you can find endless home concepts,

that seem to combine the best home designs of the world.

AmErica's Remarkable Homes is their salute

to the exceptional variety of gorgeous homes in the US.​


This is the first Book in the ARNICA HOME COLLECTION series.

A Stunning full color large format book ~ a coffee table must-have.

If you wish to learn about the process

how we can capture your beautiful home in Book format

schedule a FREE Consultation

Winter 2024

©Erica S. Elliott- The Copperline  House



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