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Physical Listening - JoAnna Mendl Shaw 2
Available on Amazon

JoAnna MENDL SHAW is an internationally recognized choreographer and dance educator whose unique inter-species approach to movement education and choreography

has influenced dancers throughout the States and in Europe.

She is the Artistic Director of The Equus Projects

bringing dancers and horses into shared landscapes. 

Her career as an educator includes faculty positions at NYU Tisch, Juilliard and in the Ailey Fordham BFA program, Montclair State, Marymount Manhattan, Princeton and Mount Holyoke College,

at the Bates Dance Festival, Swamp Dance Festival,

Florida Dance Festival, Heifetz International Music Festival.

In her new Book she shares her unique interdisciplinary approach to creative process, the intricate complexities of natural human sensory movement as it relates to our own subtle forms of expression,

human and inter-species communication.

Visit her website at:


Barcelona Opera
Memories of Rudolf Nureyev ©Nancy Sifton  web.jpeg

Nancy Sifton has traveled the world and attended over one thousand performances by the world’s greatest dancer  - Rudolf Nureyev. She had articles published in Ballet Review, Dance Magazine, Dance and Dancers, and Dance Now. She has transcribed over 100 interviews for the Oral History Project at the Performing Arts Library, and archived photo collections there. She donated her extensive Nureyev Collection to the Dance Library in New York and helped organize two international symposiums on Nureyev’s career, in New York and in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Her book offers a fascinating and close-up look into Nureyev’s life, work ethic, worldwide performances, extensive travels and unique friendship with his supporters and admirers that were privileged to personal interaction, attending private rehearsals and witnessing the dancer’s brilliant persona on and off the stage.

Visit her website at:


© KARMA.jpeg
© VITALITY .jpeg
The Soul Walking series
©Lynn Naturopathic Recipes  .jpg
©Dr.Lynn YOGA of Healthy Nutrition.jpg


© Author.jpeg

Born on a small island off the coast of Maine, Doctor Lynn grew up in a small village where folk medicine was routinely practiced. She left the island as a young single mother on welfare to enter college at the University of Maine. She graduated with a degree in Communication and then went on to study Naturopathy, Aromatherapy, Herbology, Yoga therapy and Fitness affiliation with ACE. She has over 30 years’ of experience in teaching, writing and producing books and videos on how to stay healthy, happy, find wealth and discover Inner wisdom of your body, mind and soul. Her inspiring life journey from her humble beginnings to a wealthy world traveler, published author, international speaker, TV and DVD producer, Doctor Lynn will share with you what it takes to live a healthy, wealthy, happy and peaceful life in your body, mind and soul.

The Soul Walking Series

Book I.~  Learn about the ancient laws of karma, so you can change the course of your life and reap the rewards of health, happiness and peace. Book. II. ~ Follows the ancient yoga path of padmi Vidjayou, where you discover the four aims, or directions. If taken, they will bring you health, wealth, happiness, peace and freedom. Book III. ~ Journey through 12 steps of learning about healthy food, exercise, and positive emotional & mental disposition. Book IV. ~ Explore lifestyle changes to help you embrace and understand naturally healthy sexuality.

Visit her website at:

The Naturopathic Wellness Series
Arnica press upcoming.jpg

Steven Halpern is a Grammy-Award nominated composer, recording artist and researcher. He is a founding father of New Age music and modern Sound Healing. Steven has produced over 70 recordings in the Inner Peace Music® and SoundWave 2000™ subliminal audio series. 

Steven has been recognized by Keyboard magazine as

"one of the 30 most influential keyboard artists of the past 50 years."

Halpern's cumulative sales exceed 6 million units and his current

releases continue to set the standard of excellence in the field.

His exciting and ground-breaking upcoming book is tilted:



His new book is due to be published in the Fall of 2024. 

Visit his website at:


The Drawing mastery series
Drawing book ONE Cover DEC 22.21.jpg
Drawing book TWO Cover DEC 22.21.jpg

Professor KIAR MESKO


Professor Kiar Mesko is a European American award-winning Artist. He received his diploma from the Art Academy in Slovenia and the Fine Art Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste in West Berlin, Germany. He had the distinction of being the youngest Dean and Professor of Painting and Graphic Print Arts at the National Art Academy in Slovenia. Kiar exhibited throughout Europe, Japan, Egypt and the US, including at the MOMA and has received numerous international awards. He is known for his classical figurative old masters oil paintings, graphic print art as well as marble, bronze and granite sculpture monumental work, displayed in numerous city squares in Europe.​ Kiar's oils and prints can be found in various Galleries, Museums, private, public and corporate collections worldwide including the permanent collection at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. 

The DRAWING MASTERY is a unique Book series for learning how to draw directly from a renowned European American Master of classical art. The series entails three book volumes depicting in great detail all necessary elements of professional drawing study. First Volume reveals Head & Figure Geometry and Stereography. Volume Two teaches the crucial and complex elements of Figural Composition. Volume Three reveals masterful details of drawing Dancers and Horses.

Visit his website at:

©Erica S Elliott The February Novel - Co
The calendar series


©Erica S.  Elliott ~ The March Novel .jpeg
Erica CALENDAR SERIES Cover IV. JAN 6.22.jpg
Erica S. Elliott- Love and Taxes Cover J
Love & Business ~ Erica S. Elliott.jpeg
The Love & Taxes  series

Erica is an artist, author and numbers wizard.

 She is the creator of two book series:

The metamorphic “CALENDAR NOVELS”

and the unusual hybrid “LOVE & TAXES”.

Her books are full of humor, immense knowledge

and heart warming true-life revelations.

Visit her website at:

Available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, INDIE BOUND
Forest Trees
_TOM FUNG  front COVER.jpg


Tom Fung is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and Acupuncturist. He is the eight-generation Master of Tai-chi mantis-style Chinese martial arts. Tom was born in Shanghai, China. Tom obtained a Diploma of Modern Chinese Medicine from the Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Research Centre Hong Kong in 1976, and Diploma from the Canadian college of massage and Hydrotherapy in 1977. In 1976, Tom immigrated to Toronto, Canada, and became a Canadian citizen. He established the Tom Fung Holistic Acupuncture Clinic in Toronto in 1979. He has helped countless people from around the world that endured complex illnesses. He is of the opinion that our health suffers from  as a direct result of unhealthy emotional states and depression.

Visit his  website at:

This inspirational book is filled with thought-provoking poems and quotations, each accompanied by beautiful Full Color photographs. It offers valuable insight about one’s spiritual purpose, helps evoke inner harmony, state of balanced mindfulness and uplifts emotions. It helps cultivate deep inner peace of body, mind and Spirit.

Tom Fung author pic.jpg
Available on Amazon In paperback and hardcover


Barbara has led an unusually inspiring life, growing up as an American - European child and living on a reservation with Native Americans. She traveled the world, overcame life threatening illness and became a  master in adapting to various environments, people, cultures and adversities.


In sharing her gift of being a natural Change Agent, she has coined a highly thorough method to help you master any change and overcome life’s obstacles with resilience, unwavering optimism, enduranceand a healthy vibrant spirit. 

Visit her website at:

©Zippora Karz.jpg


Zippora Arnica Press.jpg

Zippora is an author and former soloist Ballerina with the New York City Ballet. She is also a diabetes spokesperson and educator who regularly addresses major diabetes conferences and organizations worldwide. 

Her new book is due to be published

in the fall of 2022. 

Visit her website at:

Sheep in pasture

In this book you will follow a spiritual farmer’s journey of discovery and her heart-centered adventures to farm ownership, encompassing almost forty years of caring for creatures large and small. You will be introduced to natural and spiritual farming, while having a glimpse of animal and nature communication as well.

Georgia Barg is a natural farmer and owner of The Sacred Eagle Farm, a consulting firm in Nova Scotia. Educated at Humber College in Equine Studies with a diploma in Farm Operations and Management from the University of Guelph, she has over four decades of extensive experience, working with a multitude of species: dogs, cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, llamas, goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, Peafowl, Guinea Fowl and more. She shares her unique approach to managing animals naturally, promoting a healthy environment, optimal care and thriving lifestyle for beginner farmers, homesteaders, ranchers and their animals. As the only Pyrenean Mastiff Breeder in Canada, she enjoys guiding beginner Pyrenean Mastiff breeders through her consultancy. 

Visit her website at:

©Georgia Barg Book.jpg


Available on Amazon,
©Georgia Barg author _.jpeg
Luxurious Office


“I spent my career looking for talented people and designing compensation plans that would motivate them to knock

the ball out of the park. After a while you can see them

flashing like a beacon in the darkness. They just jump out at you.”

This is the story of a newspaper boy from a little pee wee town in the backwoods of South Carolina who found a way to his pinnacle job of CEO in corporate America. Follow his unlikely journey, his trials and tribulations to professional success which came at great personal cost. Find out who and what influenced him the most, molding him into a timely agent of change when industries were turned on their heads. First as an international leader in the platinum industry who built long lasting partnerships around the globe. Then as CEO of the largest manufacturer of “gozintos.” A term Keith coined to explain how the complex company’s chemicals “go into” many things you buy, even the filtered water you are sipping, the paper of this book or the plastics in the device that you are holding in your hands today.

One of AmErica’s Remarkable Stories.

Visit the Authors website at:



Available on Amazon,
Yellow Curtain

This book informs the reader about a unique bio-energy enhancer the Equilibrex® Pendant, designed to keep you balanced in an unhealthy world. It increases your energy and enhances your mental clarity and mental performance, especially under pressure. It strengthens your resistance and resilience to the effects of stress and electromagnetic pollution electromagnetic fields EMF Z – such as computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. It supports your mental and physical balance, which is essential for optimal health.

The author Dr. Joanne Flanagan is a world renown expert in stress analysis and techniques to reduce stress. She is an author, psychologist, and teacher who is incredibly multifaceted and has researched many "out of the box" subjects all around the world and has taught about them in seminars and lectures.

Visit her website at:

©Joanne Flanagan cover .jpg


Available on Amazon,
Dr. Joanne Flanagan.jpg

Dr. Gary Storkan is a Chiropractic Doctor and originator of The Storkan protocol. His unique approach to holistic healing principles, combines metabolic therapies, identification of undetected allergy source, complex energy modification technique and multidimensional direct communication with the human body.



This holistic guidebook  helps us learn a deep and powerful self-healing method. By activating our ability to observe, acknowledge and understand the true state of our physical body, we can preserve our health, enjoy a sense of well being and higher quality of life. Explore the existence of subtle energy fields, and gain a deeper understanding of how our bodies adapt to daily stress.

This book will help you awaken your deep inner awareness and natural ability to understand and protect your life’s most precious gift ~ your body.

Visit his website at:

Gary Storkan .jpeg
Dr. Storkan .jpg


Yinuo is a traditional Chinese painter,

international Yoga educator and a mystic.

Her new book FINDING YOUR INNER TRUTH offers a stunning collection of her Chinese art paintings in full color, enriched by her spiritual reflections ad suggestions for finding ad recognizing your innermost belief system and its consequences on your daily life. 

Visit her website at:



Available in paperback and hardcover
on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, INDIE BOUND
Church Candles


A Novel

Jack Bolden clings to the church to balance his lack of confidence and finds a home in the calm assurance of his Christian faith. A parish in Islington brings him emotional challenges for which he is ill-prepared and he flees as a missionary to Africa, where he finds a true raison d’être by merging Christianity with the local beliefs. However, unforeseen circumstances lead to a destruction of the faith he has held for so long and he is forced to re-appraise himself and his beliefs. In the company of doctors for the mind, body and soul, Jack builds the fragile beginnings of new hope. While traveling and soul searching

through North America and Europe, destiny throws him

into the unexpected magic of a spiritual union.

Will the cathartic metamorphosis restore his soul?

Visit Author website at:

*A Brand of Faith cover .jpg


Available on Amazon, In KIndle and paperback
Purple Glow

Jeffrey is a Pranic healer and the founder of Compass Energetics, a unique blend of energy healing techniques for optimal well being on a cellular level. He has studied extensively with Master Choa Kok Sui and the Pranic Healing System, OptimaLearning, Theta healing, crystal healing, BrainGym, and numerous healing modalities. His unique gift is that he's able to combine both Western and Eastern science together by seeing clairvoyantly what happens to the energetic body as they are performed. He performs energetic experiments moving variables around to see how they interact with the energetic body and the effect they have.  

His Book reveals the complex world of subtle energy healing and the finest nuances of body observation techniques. Compass Energetics is a energy healing system that will help you evaluate and detect energy blockages in your aura and energy body. 

Visit his website at:

Jeff Compass FINAL COVER June 27.jpg
Amadeus  Arnica Press.jpg


Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

Gary Karz, CFA is a consultant and web publisher with over thirty yearsof experience. He has advised individual investors, worked for a prolific real estate developer, and for more than a decade served as an expert consulting to many of the most prominent money managers in the world on best execution, minimizing transactions costs, and investment process optimization. He consults to a limited number of individuals and organizations throughout the United States.

His book synthesizes decades of research

and recent developments into a plain language guide

to implementing a financial plan designed to achieve your goals, avoid financial hazards, and live a peaceful financial life.

Visit his website at:

Gary Karz - The Peaceful Investor.jpg
Gary Karz - Author.jpg


Available on Amazon
Available on Amazon, 

Holly N. Hughes has enjoyed decades of producing photography and journaling her poetry. She was born in Nevada into a military family who traveled abroad and lived in many states. Her formative years were spent in Colorado, college studies in Texas. You can find Holly in nature, creating artwork, attending music events, traveling, visiting family and friends, and playing with furry little pets.  

Her art photography collections are available on her website and are displayed in art galleries in Southwest,

especially in Sedona, Arizona.

Her book of magnificent Full Color Photography is paired with inspirational Haiku poetry, crafted from her life experiences while being in the moment, or from recollections of peppered memories.

Visit her website at:


Sandy Beach

Mane Source Counseling and one of the founders of Horses and Health Inc. Before getting her masters in Counseling, Cheryl was a professional horse trainer, instructor and intercollegiate coach for over twenty years. She obtained her PhD from East Carolina University and started Mane Source. Her research interests are in equine assisted activities with clinical populations and with counselor supervision. 

She facilitates Wellness Coaching for Stress Reduction, Supervision and Consultation for counselors, and continuing education workshops.

Her book offers empowering activities to help you take back controlof your life, replace fear with empowerment,

learn to prioritize and set big picture goals.

Visit her website at:



Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, INDIE BOUND
Golden Sparkles
CARMEL D. BROWN Nurture your body Book
**Carmel Book II. Cover FINAL Sept 15 .j
Carmel D. Brown Author


Carmel D. Brown is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Fitness and Nutrition Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is also a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with an M.A. in Professional Counseling.

She is Co-Owner of Club Exhilaration Wellness Center

and runs her own private counseling practice.

Her first book offers easy steps to adopt a healthy lifestyle,

choose healthy foods and supplements, get active,

implement a  fitness routine and enjoy healthy recipes.


Her second book is a business owner’s must-have guide for a healthy,

happy and prosperous life and career!

Visit her website at:

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, INDIE BOUND
Aerial View of Islands


Nigel Shamash was born and educated in Scotland, the fourth son of Jews from Baghdad in Iraq. He has had a varied career as a banker in South America, Senior lecturer in Business Studies at Portsmouth Polytechnic and a yoga teacher and masseur in Australia. His interest in self development and mysticism led to twelve visits to the Indian subcontinent and a sojourn through California in 1973 staying in alternative communities. He has founded a highly successful holiday center in Spain and La Roane near Toulouse in south west France, where he currently resides. He runs courses based on themes of yoga,

song and laughter in various parts of the world. 


A true story, a hilarious, rollicking and occasionally tragic account of a life lived to the fullest seeking pleasure, fulfilment and later spiritual enlightenment. The memoir depicts countless fascinating encounters with a number of well known gurus throughout the world, at a

time when these teachers were still alive and accessible.

Visit his website at:

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, INDIE BOUND

A Novel


Taj Mahal


Family Photo Album

Historical Novel

FALL 2024

Fountain Pen


Red Blossom
Dancer on a cliff




Spring 2024

Wild Nature
Wild Nature




Spring 2024

Pink Flower Bloom
Pink Flower Bloom




Fall  2024

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