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Writing on Beach


This is a writing AND publishing program which means we will accomplish everything from A ~ Z.

 It is not a group writing class, but a private TWO PART mentorship program.

In PART ONE we mentor you through the entire book project,

from idea & concept, table of contents, working our way through all the chapters,

reviewing, assessing and finalizing all the details until completion.


In PART TWO we complete the full edit, technical layout, cover design

and finally – we publish your book.

You retain your copyright and 100% of your royalties.


You know you have a book inside you, but the thought of writing

seems overwhelming and you don't know where to begin.

A few ideas live within you and from time to time you dream about your book.

Maybe you have enough ideas for ten books, but struggle to write the first one.

What you need is a PRIVATE writing MENTOR,

someone who supports and guides you through the entire writing process.

A book is like a finely tuned instrument.

It needs to be assembled in such a masterful way,

that the readers will read through it with enthusiasm,

curiosity, pure joy and appreciation,

for they will hear the sound of your creative spirit.

Writing with guidance under private mentorship can be a marvelous experience,

because you are not alone, someone holds down the anchor so you won’t get lost at sea,

and you can learn to navigate and master this beautiful adventurous journey.

How long will it take?

That all depends on you, but usually between 6 to 12 months.

The process entails gathering all the information you may need,

reviewing and determining your goals and aims, your desired readership audience,

and the greater purpose of your project.

 Next, the writing process begins.

 We meet via Zoom for hourly sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis,

depending on your personal needs.

I review your writings and offer continuous guidance, feedback

and suggest the necessary next steps in your writing process.

We collaborate to help you remain disciplined while you make steady progress,

cultivate accountability and develop strong confidence in your writing skills.

Upon successful completion of the writing process

we go through the publishing steps,

necessary edits, technical layout, cover design


If you are truly serious about writing your book, than this is for you!  

PRICING depends on the size, scope and required time to complete your project.

After the initial period of 6 - 12 months, mentorship can be extended on a monthly basis.

MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE depending on individual project schedule.

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