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You’ve been writing your dream book for a while,

maybe even years or months, it doesn't matter.

This is your precious project and you love it.

But somehow, you're entangled in the web of chapters

and can't seem to find your way to a proper ending or even beginning.

Maybe you have a palette of stories, all magnificent on their own,

but together they somehow make no sense.

Perhaps you just need some special magical glue that will tie your book together,

chapter by chapter, so it can become what you’ve envisioned.

This is what writing books is all about.

It can be messy, it can be daunting, confusing, challenging…


wondrous, and absolutely mesmerizing.

When you are in the process and everything starts flowing,

you can get lost in the hypnotic magic of it all. 


In the ARNICA CURE program, we work in a private, one-on-one mentorship format.

We REVIEW and discuss your material,

 and discuss all options on how to best proceed 

to help you complete your dream project.


Prices vary depending on unique needs of each project

and  includes my regular review of your work in progress.

After the initial period of 6 - 12 months, mentorship can be extended on a monthly basis.

To discuss your options, schedule a FREE Consultation.

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