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You are a very unique individual. 

You have a story to tell and a message to share.

This requires a fine tuned sensitivity to your mission,

and a refined approach to capturing your authentic voice

in a fashion that conveys the original spirit of your story.

 Whatever happens to be your subject matter,

the only way you will be able to effectively deliver the message,

is with careful navigation and a captivating narrative style.

Your thoughts and understanding of the happenings is what we want to preserve.

We will write your idea, your message, your story, as if it was told by you.

Whether you’re whispering it into someone’s ear, or preaching it from the rooftops…

It needs to captivate the reader.

Your book is imprinted with your energy and your message.

If you’re not the writing kind, you will require an invisible ghost.

A mysterious person that remains unseen to all but you,

who listens to you carefully and then

with deep attention to the smallest detail

writes the book in your name, in  your words,

but in a most expressive and potent way.

 Once that is accomplished, you have a book.

 The story is yours.

Every word is yours.

 And the book is yours forever and eternity.

If you have a uniquely gained knowledge, a special skill, technique or method,

 an amazing life-changing experience, a beneficial discovery, 

an inspiring life-story, but have no idea how to write... 

we are ready to listen and carefully capture your treasure.


You may be a professional, a health practitioner, an artist,

a healer, a pioneer in new modality, a thought revolutionary,

an inventor, an inspiring storyteller, a one of a kind creative individual,

or simply a fascinating person who just happens to miss

the writing skill or technical savvy and needs help with 


then you're in the perfect place.

We will REVIEW your concept, idea and any materials, 

and explore all options on how to best proceed.

Prices vary depending on unique needs of each project.

To discuss your options, schedule a FREE Consultation.

This is a highly personalized package

for about 50,000 words (about 200-250 pages).

NO upfront costs for book printing or book storage.

The writing process from idea to ready-to-published manuscript

takes between  6 - 10 months.

PRICING depends on the size, scope, literary genre,

one-on-one collaboration schedule and required time to complete your project.


This is a Full Private Mentorship Program Specifically Tailored to Your Needs.


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